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Storage Bags

Lego storage bags Lego Storage Mats

This product has to be the best thing ever made! It saves so much time and frustration. No more do you need to hear the dreaded emptying of the "Box". With this creation the bricks simply sit inside the bag and then when you open drawstrings it opens out into a large mat. 

Different sizes are available, the ones on Bric - Kit are small (45cm) which are suitable for carrying small items out to visit family or play with in the car etc, and Large, 150cm which store loads of bricks and pieces. 

Not only are they great for storage, they are fab for the kids to find pieces as the bricks and pieces spread out over the mat. 

I would highly recommend using these for mixed Lego and use the storage box's for sorted out bricks and pieces in colour or part order.

Order the large ones here in Blue by clicking here

Order the small ones here in Pink, Blue or Green by clicking here

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